Loakel is a local-only commerce network website we launched in August 2020. It features custom design, custom back-end database features, a newsletter, contact forms, data tables pulling data from the back-end database, and more. The project was put on pause due to time constraints and family demands, but we won’t rule out the possibility of re-engaging with the project.

Allycat Crafts

Allycat crafts is the home of Alyssa’s homemade crafts, and a demo of an e-commerce page.

Sarcastic 888 ball

This is a project inspired by the actual magic 8-ball; we wanted to make a virtual one that was always sarcastic with the answers but was adjustable. It features a back-end database which can be added to by the user.

Coronaga (beta)

Coronavirus-themed game

This is a mini-game we did in order to learn more about Javascript. While we learned a lot, there is a lot more we’ll have to know in order to have a fully playable and actually fun game. It’s going to be a work in progress.

Query Table Generator

This was a tool we made in PHP to accelerate the process of creating HTML table view for MySQL queries. We’ve used it a couple times since in various projects.


This is a Javascript mini-app that lets the user generate clouds by clicking the button.